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One Not So Big Thing

Making Time for the Year End Review

All of us have dreams for ourselves and our lives, but sadly most of us don’t live them because we never take the time to listen, and never pay full attention to what our hearts long to do. That’s why I wrote The Not So Big Life, to help people …

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Double Duty Dining in the NC Mountain Lake House

Several years ago, I collaborated with my friend and fellow architect, Tina Govan, to design a house here in North Carolina, on a truly spectacular lakefront property, with panoramic views of the water and mountains beyond. The couple for whom we designed the house wanted a place that would work …

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The World’s Not Out There.
It’s In You!

(Note: This post was originally written in May of 2012, but although my current life is not presenting the same issues, the concepts delineated are as relevant in this moment as they were seven years ago.) There are certain key concepts involved in Not So Big Living that I want to …

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The Perfectionist’s Challenge

It’s no picnic to be a perfectionist. It can mean making yourself (and others around you) miserable with constant judgment, correction and impossible standards. But there are ways to begin to see through it. In order to learn something new, something beyond the beliefs and dictates of the personality (the …

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The Home By Design Showhouse 3D Walkthrough

Fifteen years ago, I teamed up with building scientist Steve Easley and custom homebuilder Paul Trudeau to build and present the Home by Design Showhouse at the 2004 International Builders Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. A full-scale, fully finished home, the Home By Design Showhouse brought the principles in my …

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Take Nothing Personally

In Chapter Six of The Not So Big Life I explain a different way of looking at everything in your life, by seeing all of it as a kind of reflection that’s showing you to you. All that happens to you and all the people who are a part of your …

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The Hall of Mirrors: Everything is a Reflection

I want to set the stage for this important understanding with a powerful, if disturbing, Sufi teaching story that lays the ground work for appreciating what both our dreams and our everyday life experiences can teach us. Here’s the story, taken from In Search of the Miraculous, by P.D. Ouspensky, …

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Where It All Began

  In the mid-1990s, when I’d been working as a residential architect for more than a decade, I had an epiphany one day while driving though the suburbs of Des Moines, Iowa. I had started noticing that new houses were getting extremely large, and decidedly unattractive. For miles and miles, …

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