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Sarah is pleased to provide a searchable directory of home professionals who embrace the philosophy of designing and building Not So Big.

Looking for a professional to help you design, build, or remodel your home? The Home Professionals Directory is the best place to find someone who is aligned with the Not So Big books and principles.*

Home Professionals
If you are involved in home design and improvement and your work is in keeping with Not So Big aims, there is no better way to connect with your ideal clients than to register for the Home Professionals Directory.


*Sarah cannot vet registrants, but all those listed on the Directory are familiar with the Not So Big House book series and have listed themselves because they are interested in serving clients who want such a house.

Tips and Resources for Selecting an Architect

As you go about the selection process, it is important to check that the architect is interested in the issues that are bringing you to seek out architectural help. Currently, residential architecture is practiced regularly by only a few architects. Although many architects enjoy designing houses, if they are inexperienced in home design, the process may not go smoothly. Just as you wouldn’t go to a dentist for a sore foot, in selecting an architect, it’s best to find someone who has made houses their specialty.

Use the following tips from Sarah to help find the right architect for you:

Questions To Ask An Architect During Your Selection Process


Check references carefully. It is important that you verify that the architect is licensed or permitted to provide services in the state in which your property is located.

Study their style. Make sure that you like the character and quality of the architect’s work.

Communicate clearly about your expectations, including budget. As described in The Not So Big House in Chapter Five, people’s goals regarding dreams, details and dollars rarely coincide. The architect and the client need to work closely together to make sure that compromises are made in either quality, quantity or cost to design a home that the client can afford. If a builder is selected early in the design process, he or she can also help give pricing information. This is by far the most difficult part of any house design process. Don’t think it will go away by not discussing it.

Check out your local chapter of the American Institute of Architects (AIA). Some chapters maintain a list of their members who specialize in residential projects. The AIA also has a searchable data base of all its members, and a list of all of the chapters, so you can find one close to you.

Additional resources:

Designing Your Perfect House by William J. Hirsch Jr., AIA
How To Work With An Architect by Gerald Lee Morosco, AIA

If you need assistance in searching or registering for the directory, please contact us.

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